Unreal Engine 5 plus Green Screen Compositing

The incredible power of Unreal Engine 5 plus our software allows 3D images, created in virtually all advanced 3D programs such as  MAYA, 3 D Max, Blender, etc., to be used for building and lighting the model. Then the design is imported into Unreal Engine and loaded into our supercomputer.

As you can see in the above videos, the result is a fantastic life-like blend of the real and the unreal. Actors can move in and through the virtual space as if walking through a physical environment.

And, if you were impressed by the realistic quality of the above videos, wait until you see what’s coming.

Unreal Engine 5 is ready in demo form. See the amazing video at the bottom of this page. It was rendered in real-time… not days of processing. So if we create a scene for you today and import it into Unreal Engine 4, we can later upload it into Unreal 5 for mind-blowing quality and realism.

Moving Camera on Green Screen

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine 0.5 and its successive iterations have driven the shift from traditional physical set production to LED WALL and Green Screen.


In a typical green screen production, the talent, director, and camera operator are essentially shooting in the dark. The production crew on set sees the actor(s) moving against a field of monochromatic green.

Not the best way to capture realistic photographs with precise composition, but it is also not optimal for the actors.

Only after editing can the success of a shot be determined.

Live Virtual Set Compositing Service

The full photorealistic 3D, 4K set is composited in real-time with the actors using our cutting-edge technology and a moving camera.

It’s genuinely “What you see is what you get.”

4K Virtual Sets Live Compositing In Our Astoria Prime Green Screen Studio

We Merge Actors Into 3D/4K Photorealistic Virtual Sets Using a Jib-Mounted Camera.

On a modified Jimmy Jib, a Sony F55 4K camera with a Cabrio Zoom lens is mounted to the stage. We employ a sophisticated tracking system with motors on the Jib and lens to synchronize the exact focal length of the lens and the camera's position in space relative to the 3D virtual set.

Typically, the only way to achieve camera movement on a green screen is to place tracking markers on the green screen and then use Cameramatch Move to composite in post-production.

TV Show shot on our Astoria Prime Stage with JettSets Technology

Interviews and “fireside chats” are easily placed in a warm, intimate setting.   The difference that the right location can make in a two or three-person conversation is fantastic. And with JettSets technology, you not only have great virtual environments but can also do what other Green Screens can’t.

Move the camera to Green Screen! You add life to the scene by zooming, panning, dolly moves, crane shots,  etc.

3D /4K Virtual Sets Demo Reel

Here you see interior and exterior spaces created by the computer.  All are rendered in 3D /4K resolution.  Quality is so accurate it could be projected on a giant movie screen at the same excellent rate.

All set to receive your script.

Your artists.

Your vision.

“Crypto Shark Tank” streaming series shot with JettSets Technology

We filmed exterior scenes in the streets of New York and interior scenes at the recent Block Chain Convention in Seoul, South Korea. Not in the Astoria Studio, but using our JettSets technology, the set was created. Unfortunately, due to the imminent release date of the show and the fact that our Astoria high-tech facility was fully booked, we relocated the production to one of our Manhattan Green Screen Stages.

There, we filmed the series against pre-composited, shot-specific backgrounds.

Unfortunately, this method does not utilize the full potential of our technology, but it produces a far superior result than conventional Green Screen techniques.

Check - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates

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